Light and Sensory Sand play table for children. Montessori Reggio Emilia compatible. Perfect for Homeschooling

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  • MODULAR PLAY SURFACE - An interchangeable table top keeps boredom away. The reversible top functions as a chalkboard, a dry-erase surface, or simply as your child’s personal desk space. The inner play space is illuminated with a customizable light panel and is perfect for kinetic sand or other sensory activities. A small inner compartment keeps the activity space organized. Additional plexiglass and water play components are available for sale.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE - The table’s telescopic legs ensure that it is always a perfect fit for your child (grow from 15 inch to 25 inch). The table is sized thoughtfully and will accommodate any family, while creating a space that is uniquely your child’s. Minimalism design of the activity table will fit even in a smallest apartments
  • LONGTERM USE - is not a disposable toy, but a long term investment in you child’s education. Perfect tool for Homeschooling families. It builds both independence and responsibility when used as a solo activity and cooperative play when used with friends or family. The flexibility of play options ensures that it will accompany your child’s learning experience for many years- from toddler age and beyond. Our engaging table is a great alternative to dulling and harmful electronics
  • DEVELOPMENTAL SUPPORT - Tactile activities like kinetic sand play facilitate fine motor and coordination skill development. Self-regulated, freeform recreation fosters imagination and creative growth. Sensory play soothes anxious children and focuses hyperactive ones, shifting their attention to tangible materials that they can manipulate and describe. Cognitive development is strengthened through hands-on learning of complex spacial and relativity concepts. Great for kids with disabilities.
  • BENEFITS ALL AGES - 1+ Strengthens the development of sensory perception and fine motor skills through sensory play. 4+ Improves creativity, spatial thinking, and stimulates right hemispheric development through plot games and activities. 7+ Develops independence, focus, and perseverance with complex thought models;  provides a platform for stress resistance. 18+ Puts your mind at ease after a busy day at home or work, knowing your child has a self-directed, beneficial activity to enjoy
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