TAKARA TOMY Plarail Character Action! Thomas The Tank Engine Challenge! Sodor

$65.99 $65.99

It is like Sodo Island! You can play by passing luggage from character to character one after another! It is a product that makes the work of Thomas, who work on Sodo Island, play in all-in-one. · Relay packages with Thomas, Owen, Harold, and Crunchy. 1Thomas automatically unloads the package 2 Owen raises the package automatically 3 Harold manually carries the load and drops it to the slope 4The package goes down the slope automatically to the place of the clan key 5 Thomas leaves the port manually 6Crunchy automatically loads the luggage to Thomas ・ The package contains 3 pieces, and the shape changes the degree of difficulty. You won't get bored even if you grow up with game play. Contents Thomas (motor vehicle) (1), freight wagon (1), 1/2 straight rail (2), curved rail (8), support (large) (1), support (small) (1), slope (1) , Control panel base (1), owen (1), harold (1), fixed stay (1), clamp key body (1), clamp key arm (1), clamp key base (1), package (brown) (1), Package (red (1), package (blue) (1), seal (1), parts order form (1), Target age: 3 years old or older Use of 1 AA battery (battery is sold separately) Battery type: Please purchase separately for AA batteries separately.

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